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The Dirt

Join us for the second Bash Cancer Fest online! This music festival will include B & the Hive, Driftwood Brothers, and Amablito. Join us online for live concerts and auctions.

ALL proceeds will be donated to Jack’s Helping Hand!

The Details

This year Bash Cancer Festival is going to be hosted online. The dates will be shared soon.


Our Mission

Bash Cancer Fest is a dream project founded by Anthony Randazzo and inspired by Patricia Randazzo to help benefit families struggling with cancer.

ALL proceeds benefit Jack’s Helping Hand.

Jack’s Helping Hand

The mission of Jack’s Helping Hand is to provide community programs that meet the unique challenges of children with cancer or special needs under the age of 21 and live in SLO County.

Jack’s Helping Hand assists more than 250 individuals each month in San Luis Obispo County.


This music festival will include B & the Hive, Driftwood Brothers, Crippled Pink, and Amablito.  This event will be FREE!

ALL proceeds will be donated to Jack’s Helping Hand! 

Bash Cancer Festi 2020 Lineup

B & The Hive

Led by the stunning vocals of Brianna Lee, B & The Hive create music straight from the heart, and serve it up with an intensity that is undeniable. Whether belting out a guitar driven anthem, or singing a hauntingly beautiful ballad, the sound remains the same – engaging.

Driftwood Brothers

With a unique blend of covers and original music, the Driftwood Brothers play an eclectic mix of songs from country western to rock and roll and many points in between. Their music reflects their laid back lifestyle. 


Amablito means a small “friendly” shot of Tequila! They are group of great friends that spend one night a week playing music as a pleasant diversion from our daily lives. They have spent most of our lives creating original music and playing special covers that are meaningful to us.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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How You Can Help


Just by attending this event and buying some grub, grabbing a drink, or entering the raffle you are supporting us!


Want to do a little more? Donate! Whether it is a raffle item, food, drinks or a service you can provide it all helps! To learn more about how to donate click here and complete our donation form.


None of this would be possible without our amazing sponsors. Click here to learn more about the benefits of sponsorship!

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